Dec 8, 2011

12 Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees

Used Christmas Tree Recycling Ideas
Give a used Christmas Tree a second life by recycling or treecycling it into something useful. Here are some creative ideas that you might find interesting.
Phone Call Away
- The simplest, guilty free way is to call your local Christmas tree recycling center to come and pick up the tree. Search for your location at
- Waist Management also provides Christmas tree curbside service for only $5 (some cities
do it for free!), simply call your local customer service to arrange the pick up. Most states start
the collection right after Christmas, some a week later, make sure to find out before hand. The tree has to be six feet or less, if it exceeds the limit cut it in half. Be sure to remove all decorations, including ornaments, tinsel, lights and the tree stand.
Lend a Helping Hand
 - Turn the tree into a shelter for various bugs and insects by drilling a few holes in the trunk, kind of like a bee hotel.
- Drop the tree into a pond so the frogs can get in and out easier or create an underwater dungeon by sinking the tree in the pond to create a hiding and feeding area for fish.
- How about moving the tree outdoors to provide an Eco friendly habitat for birds to help them survive harsh winters. Perhaps you should try decorating the tree with edible garlands from popcorn, dried fruit, bird seed ornaments and pine cone feeders. Take a look at Dabblings and Whimsey blog for ideas and here is an article on how to make a pine cone feeder.
A Better Garden
- If you have a wood chipper make mulch and use it as compost material under plants or lay out pathways and use some in between plant beds so you don't walk on dirt.(This is what my grandma does, i learn a lot from her!)
- Smaller branches can be useful to protect/cover plants from late frost or simply be put underneath the shrubs; when branches decompose it will feed the tree giving it all the nutrients, plus smaller twigs make a lovely home for insects which help to speed up the composting proses.
- Make a dead hedges to prevent unwanted quests from entering the territory, enclose livestock or provide shelter for small animals. My family uses dead hedge as a compost bin for grass clippings and dry leaves.
- Chop the tree into small logs, allow it to dry and use it as firewood. Caution: NEVER BURN EVERGREENS in a  FIREPLACE as it contains a great amounts of turpentine oil that is highly flammable!
Create a Stronger Community
- Use the trees to prevent shoreline erosion. Dunes made of Christmas tree lessen the sand wash of by water and provide a friendly home for sand crabs and other creatures. Contact Department of Natural Resources to see if your state participate in such a program and is in need of Christmas trees.
- Some communities use Christmas trees to make soil erosion barriers for lakes and rivers.

Crazy Ideas
- Now this idea is way out there but i found it interesting enough to share. How about recycling the trunk of a Christmas tree into a musical instrument? Take a look 

 Here are some videos with various ideas and programs:
- Lake Havasu Recycle and Disposal Program
- How to re-cycle your Christmas Tree
- Have some fun! :0)
Recycle, be greener, live happier!!!

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